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Connecting to 




Long press on the Storyball button until it vibrates and shines white

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Go to your phone’s settings and pair with

SB Speaker



Go to your phone’s settings and pair with

SB Speaker

  • Can’t find the verification e-mail in my inbox
    Since Storyball is unknown contact, the verification e-mail message might have arrived in your spam or junk inbox folder. Check your spam or junk inbox folders and refresh your inbox.
  • Won’t accept my password
    Passwords must contain at least one capital letter and one number.
  • Can’t find SB Speaker on BT devices list
    Please try one of the following: Turn BT off and then turn it on again Press available devices on your BT setting Wait approximately 10 seconds for the list to refresh
  • Storyball won’t turn on
    Check if: Battery is empty - Charge Storyball using the USB cable provided inside the Giftbox Long press the Storyball ON button (not side button).
  • QR codes did not scan
    Check that the camera is open (allow access). Go to your mobile device settings, find Storyball app and enable Storyball app to access your camera Enter the code manually
  • Sound only comes out of my phone
    Make sure you connected to SB speaker and not SB (number). Make sure your BT settings alow also Media and not only Phone.
  • Storyball does not recognize my movements
    Turn on the ball and close your phone BT so Storyball will not be connected to any BT. Throw Storyball in the air and see if it shines white, now do the other gestures (Shake, twist, tap, spin...) You can go to the app and see the gesture tutorial in the app setting. If the gestures do not generate color please contact
  • The sound coming from Storyball gets disrupted
    Charge your Storyball. Check that the Storyball is not too far from your device.
  • My Storyball won’t charge
    Try charging using a different USB cable and a different electric socket
  • What operating system Storyball supports
    Storyball supports Android & IOS Devices
  • It says I am paired by sound only comes out of my phone
    Make sure you are paired also to SB speaker Not Sb XXXX Also see that your Bluetooth is set for both calls and media
  • My Storyball keeps disconnecting
    Bluetooth connection holds about 30 feet with open line of sight (10-15 feet when walls and obstcales interfere). Also make sure your Storyball is charged for best results.

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