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Let the Active Adventures Begin!

Storyball is a screen-free smart toy that uses games, stories and challenges to get children playing, learning and moving their bodies.


Children are no longer glued to screens. Instead, they’re using technology in an entertaining, safe and controlled way.

Different Skin, Different Story!

A range of elastic 'skins' can be wrapped around a Storyball to determine the game and cool characters that a child is playing with. 

The Perfect Smart Toy For Fun And Learning

Keeping Children Active & Social

Storyball keeps children moving by having them complete activities outside or inside, with friends or parents, or on their own.

Developing New Skills & Imagination

Problem-solving is made fun with Storyball! Cool quizzes, games and challenges keep children using their brains and imagination.

Allowing you to Track Your Child’s Progress

Through Storyball’s app, parents can see their child’s progress, know they are safe, and team up with them to save the world!

Screens Off, Child On

Instead of using technology to mindlessly stare at a screen, children are engaged with the world around them on an adventure tailored for them.


Meet Our Heroes & Join The Team!

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Merging Physical Play with Digital Technology


Using Storyball, children get to use their imagination and our technology to interact with the world around them in a completely new, immersive and fun way.

Downloadable Games

Children can play with Storyball whether online or offline, whilst new content is continually updated through the app.

The Smartest Ball Around!

Using A.I. and machine learning, Storyball detects the habits, behaviors, skills, likes and dislikes of a child to improve the game, quiz, or story they're playing.

Sensory Technology

Storyball’s intelligent technology provides children with both audio cues, lights, and vibrations to guide them.

Robust Hardware

Storyball is not just smart, it’s tough. Throw it on the ground, strike it, even let the dog lick it! Nothing stops Storyball from playing.

Award-Winning Tech

Storyball is so smart, it even won first place in the Global EdTech Startup Awards out of a group of over 2,000 startups from across the globe.


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